Enchanted by Nature

As an Aesthetician and Reiki Master my passion is providing Healing Skin Care for Ageless Skin and Wellness through Reiki. Beauty is inside and out, and what you put on your skin is as important as the food you eat.

flowersKaren-WoodMy journey in the skin care industry is where I discovered the beauty of botanicals and their incredible power. I’ve always been enchanted with nature and how plants, flowers and herbs can blend together to heal and create well-being for your body and mind.

It was here that I became passionate about transforming my love of nature and skincare into the hands on healing profession of an Aesthetician and Reiki Master. Let me help you discover the right products and treatments that can transform your skin creating healthier options and an optimal home care regimen.

I’m enjoying my path of discovery and all the amazing people, places and knowledge I’ve encountered along the way. I value the philosophy of Eastern medicine and the important role it plays to create balance, healing and wellness.


My love and gratitude for the healing powers of Reiki led me to become a Reiki Master. Certification in Nutrition, Body Care & Herbalism at the American College of Health Care Sciences.