What our clients are saying…

“I’ve trusted Karen with my skin for years. Her approach fits my needs perfectly, as I’m very particular about using pure and organic products on my sensitive skin. She immediately puts me at ease with her warm and friendly personality. Seeing Karen is something I always look forward to. I leave feeling relaxed and beautiful every time.”

– Kate Greene

It was through Karen’s thorough consultation, attention to detail, and genuine care that I was able to find a skin care routine that worked for me. I have had many of my closest friends and family comment on how great my skin looks and I attribute all of my success to Karen. Before working with Karen, I was prescribed oral and topical medication by a dermatologist, but was reluctant to use them. Through the use of organic and natural products, routine facials, microdermabrasion, and a clearly defined home care program I was able to accomplish the same goals with out using medication. Karen educated me on my skin and what it would take to make the changes I wanted. I cannot say or thank Karen enough.

-Mimi Peterson

“I went to see Karen feeling helpless and distraught after experiencing the side effects of a popular prescription medication. I had developed hyperpigmentation under my eyes and after seeing three leading NYC dermatologists, the dark spots had only worsened. Karen was very encouraging and patient. It was almost like my pigment was hers and she was determined to get it off my face. From my first treatment of the AHA peel, we saw clear improvement. I have recommended her to all of my discerning NYC friends and they all love her and are so happy with the improvement in their skin. I highly recommend Karen to anyone with any skin type – if you listen to her recommendations, you will achieve the results you are looking for.”

-Holly Jordan

“I went to Karen for extremely dry skin. I have gone for facials all over the city, but nothing took off the layer of dead skin that left me looking dull and dehydrated. After evaluating my skin, Karen suggested that I get a microdermabrasion and a gentle peel. Finally my skin was rid of that dry layer allowing the products that I use to actually get absorbed and hydrate the deeper layers of my skin. She gave me samples of products that I tried at home for my skin type and she educated me on what ingredients to look for in products. I definitely feel and see a huge difference in my skin.”

-Victoria Wallace

“Having tried numerous spas and tested out a wide variety of treatments in NYC, Karen consistently stands out as offering one of the best facials. Karen ensures that the facials she offers are bespoke to your skin type and needs. Karen is extremely thorough, offers the best extraction I have ever had and only uses reputable and effective products. After having one of Karen’s fantastic facials, my skin feels and looks amazing. I highly recommend Karen’s facials to all my family and friends who have now become big fans of her work.”

-Kanisha Dolsingh

“Karen is the ultimate aesthetician. She is calming and nurturing yet really good at getting you the best results from your facial. I can’t say enough good things about her. Facials had been a painful and vulnerable experience before I went to Karen. Now I know that no matter how bad my skin might feel- Karen makes me feel beautiful during and after.”

-Jessica Herschberg

“I have probably been to a dozen aestheticians across the country but Karen remains the one person I feel I can totally trust with my skin. She is not only one of the best at what she does but is an incredible spirit who understands and genuinely cares about her clients. I always feel like a million bucks after leaving Karen.”

-Lizzy Klemperer